Production & Technology

We produce a full range of high-quality interlinings with the help of our vertically integrated production line and cutting-edge technology in knitting, weaving, finishing and a double-dot, powder-paste-print coating line for adhesive printing.

Knitting Plant

One of Telateks major strengths is in its production of warp-knitted and mono-elastic weft-inserted interlinings. With high-speed knitting machines from Liba, Germany, we are able to produce unique products that enhance overall garment quality. As a complement to these products, our high-performance stitch-reinforced nonwovens can be used for both large and small area fusing.

Coating Line

Choosing the right coating for each fabric is critical. A delicate, washable blouse required a different adhesive than a sturdy, woolen fabric that must be able to withstand dry cleaning. At Telateks, we apply coating technologies to all our interlinings. We have coating capabilities – including the latest double-dot coating – which enables us to print up to 200 adhesive dots per square centimeter.

Finishing Line

Our finishing department offers various treatments, including de-sizing, pre-washing, fixing, raising, bulking and dyeing different kinds of “greige” fabrics.

Cutting Unit

We offer a full range of tapes and webs, which can improve the quality of your garments significantly. Straight-cut tapes for waistbands, tapes for armhole security, and tapes that prevent seam slippage are just a few of our specialty products. Choose from a wide selection of woven and nonwoven products.

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