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For the typical business suit blazer, bi-elastic woven front fusibles in PES-twill 2/2 constructions in weights starting from 50 – to 60 g/m² up to 100 g/m² are used.

For floating chest pieces or sleeve head rolls, every label has its own signature production method, although the general trend is towards a more relaxed look with softer shoulders. Explore our men’s productions for high quality products to support your production. 

What type of outer fabric will you be using?

  • For fabrics intended for dry cleaning (e.g. pure wool, cashmere, wool blends, silk, linen, viscose, cord, velvet, etc.) we recommend 8813 DR or 8833 DR
  • For washable fabrics (e.g. cotton, cotton blends, PES, synthetics, etc.) we recommend 7715 DW or 7915 DW

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