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Tapes are critical in achieving a good fit. Whether they are needed for securing seams and files or for stabilizing waistbands, we have the right product to support your application.

What type of tape are you looking for? 

  • For elastic waistbands, we recommend 8478 DR
  • For stable or curtain waistbands, we recommend 8491 DR
  • For curved waistbands, we recommend 1040
  • For straight-cut tapes, we recommend either 1254 DN or 1055
  • For slotted tapes with one, two or three lines, we recommend 1250 DN or 1510 DN
  • For hem tapes, we recommend Serit 20 or 9254 DN
  • For webs, we recommend either Telanet 10, 15 or 20

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